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What is flat sharing?
Why Flat share?
Is flat sharing just for Students or can anyone flat share?
Is it safe to flat share?
Will I get sufficient privacy?
I'm concerned I may not get along with my flatmates. What should I do?
What is a lodger?
What should I do if I want my lodger to leave?
Sharing bills
Home and Gadget Insurance
Is it free to use the website?
How do I advertise my spare room?
I am looking for a room to rent, what should I do first?
Is Room Portal just for advertising rooms?
How many Ads will I have to place if I have more than one room for rent?
Is there a restriction on the number of ads placed?
I've heard that Room Portal offers unlimited advertising for free, is that true?
How do I get my ads to come up on top of the search results?
I need a room urgently what is the best method to find one?
I am new to London and looking for a room for rent.
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